flip hop

Seriously, I have to ask. What in the world is going on with some of today’s hip-hop artists? More specifically, why does it appear they use Twitter as a resume builder for job openings in motivational speaking? I’m not criticizing them for trying to make a difference, I’m laughing because a lot of their advice directly contradicts their lyrics. I call them flip-flop artists.

Flip-flop artists will touch the hearts of their female followers by sending tweets on the proper ways to treat a lady. This of course just before releasing a single that boasts their ability to throw stacks at strippers. Flip-Flop artists turn the other cheek and inspire their followers to take the high road when it comes to their haters. Then, they release a song featuring a profanity laced message to their own. I am not a prude and I happen to enjoy hip-hop music, but when it comes to loving an artist– they have to be real.

Real~a word MOST used by today’s hip-hop artists, funny how few actually are. Either the Tony Robbins twist on Twitter is fake, or the music they promote is, but they can’t have it both ways. Again, this is NOT an indictment on all rappers or hip-hop music as a whole. I speak only through observations I have made on my personal Twitter account, of which I am still hardly popular. Maybe I’ll go motivational? -BKB

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