Fitness 19 Makes a Funny

One of Fitness19's wall mounted motivational quotes.
One of Fitness19’s wall mounted motivational quotes.

Lets be real, if Jersey Shore made one thing cool during its domination of late night TV, it was weightlifting right?  I mean its the only facet of GTL (gym, tan, laundry) I haven’t thrown to the way side. Of course, I never really gave tanning a chance, being in the “redheaded” fraternity a trip to the tanning bed would go about as well as a trip to the electric chair. But I digress.

Now, if there is one thing Fitness 19 fancies itself with its the constant rearranging and remodeling of their quite limited space. For a while there I couldn’t successfully walk to the calf machine on my first try. It was like a regular game of hide and go seek precluded any workout. Recently, they found a layout that suits them, but new “before and after” pics of world class success stories are showing up on the walls, and cheesy, “off the wall” motivational quotes are surfacing above the water fountains. Usually, I would just laugh when I read them and continue on my way, but this time I couldn’t help myself.


I think a resounding LOL is in order here. Actually, lets step it up to a sturdy LMAO! Is this what motivational quotes are coming to these days? Who put Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino in charge of motivating the Fitness19 patrons? Seriously, I had to check twice to see if “grenade” or “slop-o-potamus” was in there. They aren’t, but I suppose you will become both if you don’t take heed to this brilliance.

Fitness 19 is the best kept secret in Mason, Ohio. I will continue to workout there as long as they’ll let me, but their new wave of inspiration is down right comical. I can’t wait to see what they pin up next, possibly, “RETIRE THE KITCHEN DITCHEN, IT’S TIME TO DITCH THE KITCHEN!” Or maybe the trainers  will start blowing in to a grenade whistle should their clients fault on the bench press. Either way it appears a new era is upon us, so get ready. It’s t-shirt time.


One thought on “Fitness 19 Makes a Funny

  1. Ameitner

    See I’m a big fan of Subway’s cold hard truth. “Eat less fat!” I thought that was marketing genius. Fitness 19 might be on to something. Made a pretty funny blog. Keep it up!!

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